Open Source Big Data Analytics

Open source software and Big Data are two trends that go hand in hand. Both reflect the realities of today’s applications which have to handle data that is exponentially growing in volume, moving too fast, and varies greatly in content. This new reality brings short, iterative development cycles along with lower costs through cloud computing and scaling systems across commodity hardware.

MongoDB is at the forefront of these two trends. As the world’s leading open source database with 40 million downloads and counting, MongoDB offers companies a faster, lower cost way to bring solutions to market. MongoDB provides the operational data store to handle the data that is created, stored, retrieved and analyzed by Big Data applications.

But a complete Big Data analytics system also needs an offline component that provides analytical functions for retrospective analyses. MongoDB can help you build that complete analytics solution thanks to an extensive partner network that includes the leading analytics platforms such as Hadoop.

To stay competitive and thrive, companies need a sound data management strategy to uncover new opportunities from their data. Enlist MongoDB to build a complete data analytics solution for deliver more customer value, faster.

Download our white paper to understand how MongoDB can help you develop a Big Data analytics solution and read examples of companies who have achieved that success by integrating with MongoDB.