NoSQL Performance Comparison

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When considering NoSQL databases for your application needs, you should evaluate the performance of each solution in meeting your workload requirements. In a recent benchmarking study, MongoDB overwhelmingly outperformed various key value stores when it comes to throughput and latency across multiple configurations.

Organizations of all sizes choose MongoDB to build online, operational applications where high throughput, low latency, and continuous availability are critical requirements.

Why choose MongoDB for high performance? MongoDB’s Nexus Architecture combines the best features of relational databases:

  • ** Expressive query language **
  • ** Strong consistency **
  • ** Secondary indexes **

Along with the innovations of NoSQL technologies:

  • ** Flexible data model **
  • ** High performance **
  • ** Scalability to grow your application **

MongoDB is the only database that harnesses the innovations of NoSQL while maintaining the foundation of relational databases. Organizations use MongoDB for a wide variety of use cases for their mission critical applications and benefit from a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Read more about NoSQL database performance comparisons in our recently published research, Scalability Benchmarking: MongoDB and NoSQL Systems.

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