NoSQL Performance Benchmarking

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NoSQL databases offer high performance at scale for less cost than older relational technology. The ability to deliver on that promise is just one reason why NoSQL databases have seen widespread adoption in recent years.

Enterprises need their applications and their databases to run smoothly or else they could run the risk of customer dissatisfaction, lost revenue, or worse. Operations teams are responsible for monitoring systems for performance and high availability. As part of this mandate, the ops team typically establishes benchmarks as a gauge for system performance and to offer insight into which elements need to be tweaked to either prevent system failure or to improve performance even more.

MongoDB, the world’s leading NoSQL database, is built to deliver high performance at scale for Big Data applications. In fact, the latest version of MongoDB, 3.0, introduced a major enhancement to performance through the WiredTiger storage engine. We ran tests using YCSB, a popular testing software, and found between 7 and 10 times better performance from this version as compared to the prior version.

In addition, United Software Associates, an independent third party firm, tested MongoDB performance against other leading NoSQL vendors Couchbase and Cassandra. MongoDB came out far ahead of the others in terms of throughput and latency across a number of configurations.

When you’re looking to invest in the innovations of NoSQL for your Big Data applications, there are almost too many options to choose from but evaluating options based on performance is a good place to start. Download and read the comparative benchmarks to find out more about why MongoDB stands out in a crowded field of NoSQL database solutions.

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