Monitor Database Activity

Cloud Manager is database monitoring made easy

Monitoring database activity is a critical part of ensuring optimal application performance. If your database is performing poorly, you can be sure that your application is suffering too. Finding a great database monitoring solution is paramount to achieving smooth operations and high performance for your system.

MongoDB offers comprehensive database activity monitoring with Cloud Manager. With Cloud Manager, you get complete visibility into how your database is performing so you can either prevent or quickly respond to issues with your deployment.

MongoDB is a popular choice for building modern, Big Data applications. With over 10 million downloads so far, MongoDB consistently ranks as the top NoSQL database according to DB-Engines rankings. Part of its popularity rests with easy-to-use database monitoring tools that help keep the database humming along in the cloud.

Cloud Manager lets you monitor database activity by giving you the insights to keep your database running along smoothly. This tool for monitoring database activity provides:

  • Performance visibility into your MongoDB database deployment with over 100 metrics and performance stats across dozens of charts.
  • Alerts customized to your requirements that let you know when your system is falling out of range so you can respond quickly and preempt any issues.
  • A single view of database activity thanks to a RESTful API and integrations with leading APM platforms that let you easily incorporate Cloud Manager into existing monitoring dashboards.

Cloud Manager is more than just monitoring tools. You can simplify complex database management tasks with the simple click of a button. You also get comprehensive backup solutions that prevent potential data loss. Cloud Manager can handle systems of any size, from ones that only use one server to large enterprise systems spread out over hundreds of servers.

You can try Cloud Manager at no-risk for free. Start a 30-day trial of Cloud Manager today.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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