MongoDB Performance

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Modern applications need to support a variety of workloads with different access patterns, and performance profiles, ranging from low latency, in-memory read and write applications to real time analytics to highly compressed "active" archives.

MongoDB is an open source, high-performance, scalable database designed to satisfy a broad variety of use cases. As the leading NoSQL database with over 10 million downloads MongoDB is used by organizations of all sizes to power online, operational applications where low latency, high throughput and continuous availability are critical requirements of the system. It’s no wonder then that MongoDB is used in hundreds of thousands of deployments.

Our latest release, MongoDB 3.0 pushes performance even further especially in terms of hardware utilization and write performance.

Download and read our free whitepaper, “Performance Best Practices for MongoDB” to learn more about best practices for MongoDB performance, including the impact of MongoDB 3.0 on performance.

You will gain insight into achieving high performance from MongoDB across the following dimensions:

  • Application patterns, schema design, and indexing
  • Disk I/O considerations
  • Best practices on Amazon EC2
  • Designing for benchmarks

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