MongoDB Database Design

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MongoDB is an open source, scalable, high-performing database designed to meet a wide array of use cases. As the top NoSQL database according to, MongoDB is employed by enterprises of all sizes to support operational applications where continuous availability, high throughput, and low latency are crucial requirements.

MongoDB is the right database for modern applications. It combines the innovations of NoSQL databases:

  • ** A flexible data model ** that lets you to quickly respond to the shifting needs of your business
  • ** High performance ** for always-on, instantaneous experiences
  • ** Scalability **to easily and reliably grow your application as it meets the demands of your growing business

With the features that make relational databases great:

  • ** An expressive query language ** which empowers your developers to quickly build powerful features incorporating your data
  • ** Strong consistency ** to be able to view updates to your data in real-time
  • ** Secondary indexes ** offer powerful and fast indexes that allow you to navigate your data quickly

These reasons and more make MongoDB the fastest-growing database with over 10 million downloads and counting. Read our architecture guide to learn more about MongoDB database design.

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