MongoDB Backup

Develop a solid backup and recovery plan with MongoDB

Data can be your most valuable asset and so you need to take every preventative measure to guard against its loss. A loss of data or a breach in security can have a devastating impact on a business and some businesses end up never recovering from a major data loss.

A well-planned backup and recovery strategy is essential to minimize the risk of data loss whether to natural disaster or human error. A good plan in place means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that in case of disaster you can restore business operations without devastating or permanent data loss. Regularly backing up your database can help you create new development environments to test and QA new features before launch without impacting production.

But planning for backup and recovery is a complex effort that involves evaluating a different mix of technologies and processes. Among these technology options is MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, which offers a robust MongoDB backup solution with Cloud Manager.

Cloud Manager provides continuous, online backup, and point-in-time restore for MongoDB deployments as a managed service. You benefit from:

  • Time savings as you don’t need to write custom scripts for backing up your data.
  • Greater peace of mind thanks to the availability of MongoDB engineers who monitor your backups continuously every day, 24 hours a day.
  • Fast recovery and minimal business interruption in case of data loss enabled by real-time backups with point-in-time recovery of replica sets and snapshots of your cluster.

The risk of data loss can happen for any number of reasons whether it be human error, flawed processes, or natural disasters. Prioritize your backup and recovery strategy by enlisting our Cloud Manager solution. Find out what thousands of companies already know about the benefits of backing up your data with Cloud Manager by starting your free, no-risk trial today.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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