MongoDB and AWS: A killer combination for competitive advantage

To stay competitive in the modern world, businesses have to deliver products and solutions to market faster and at a lower cost than ever before. Cloud computing is one of the ways companies are achieving these goals. It’s no wonder then that these third party services have become so wildly popular in recent years.

You can get your application up and running quickly with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). You also realize significant savings over running on premise since you don’t have to build and pay for your own application infrastructure, and you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Along with the rise of cloud computing is the emergence of NoSQL databases which are particularly well-suited for scaling out systems over commodity hardware in the cloud. MongoDB is the most popular of the crowded field of NoSQL options. It was built for the cloud as it provides users with scale-out architecture and native replication for high availability.

An integration with AWS lets you automatically provision machines on AWS with an optimal configuration for MongoDB. MongoDB and AWS together is a great solution for those who require high-performance operations on large datasets.

The benefits of running your MongoDB application database on AWS include:

  • Lower cost. Running your application in the cloud means you pay only for the infrastructure you need. You avoid the heavy costs of hosting an application on-premises which involve hosting the server, buying extra capacity to scale a system, and the support personnel needed to operate the system.
  • Flexibility to scale up or down your resources to align with system demand whether it’s a planned or unanticipated event.
  • Reliability. With a cloud provider like AWS, you have servers situated in different locations across the globe. The benefit is twofold with globally distributed services: application latency is reduced as local servers can service local users and the risk of widespread system outage is minimized.

If you’re considering running an application in the cloud, choose the option that enterprises of all sizes, from the nascent startups to well-established Fortune 100 companies, rely on – MongoDB on AWS. With the help of Cloud Manager, you can expect smooth running operations and ease of use from your MongoDB deployment.

The experience is risk-free with a 30-day trial of Cloud Manager. Start your trial today and witness first-hand the benefits of running your application and database in the cloud.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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