Managed Service

Experience management made easy with MongoDB Cloud Manager

There are many reasons behind the rise of MongoDB as the most popular NoSQL database with over 10 million downloads and consistent top rankings on DB-Engines. First there is the rise of NoSQL databases in general because this class of technology offers greater performance, scale, and flexibility at a lower cost than its relational database counterparts.

But MongoDB stands out in a crowded field of modern database options as it is the only solution to combine the innovations of NoSQL while preserving the best features of relational databases. Developers love MongoDB for its ease of use and enterprises invest in MongoDB for its ability to tackle a broad variety of use cases.

MongoDB administrators appreciate the ease of running MongoDB with Cloud Manager, a fully managed service. The cloud-hosted service offers MongoDB operations teams:

  • Complete performance visibility into a MongoDB deployment. The monitoring tools available in Cloud Manager let you visualize and alert on over 100 metrics
  • Fast and simple query optimization with the powerful Visual Query Profiler tool
  • Simplified administration tasks with easy to use automation tools
  • Integrate with Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud service provider. With Cloud Manager, you can started quickly by provisioning virtual AWS machines with an optimal configuration for MongoDB.

Save time and money and the guesswork out of managing a MongoDB deployment with Cloud Manager. Cloud Manager can handle deployments of any size, from one that use only a single server to larger systems that are spread out across hundreds of servers.

Thousands of companies are already benefitting from the wonders of a managed service for MongoDB. Find out for yourself and get a 30-day free trial of Cloud Manager. Start your trial today.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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