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It used to be that your access to the Internet was confined to a desktop computer but nowadays the world looks wildly different with the ubiquity of mobile devices. The next wave of innovation will be connecting things – really anything from devices to machines to wearable accessories and other assets – to the Internet.

This trends is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and IoT companies that build IoT applications are growing fast. Some predict that by 2020 some 50 billion devices, appliances and systems will be Internet connected. Traditional relational database were not built to handle the volume, speed, and variety of data being generated by these devices. So companies turn to the latest, innovative technologies like MongoDB to meet the Big Data requirements of IoT.

Bosch Group is a great example of an existing company who has turned to IoT to increase efficiency and develop new revenue streams. For example, Bosch is building an automotive field data app that processes vehicle data to improve preventative maintenance and analyze how well its components are performing in the field.

But IoT isn’t just about collecting data through sensors and connecting to the Internet with devices, it is about creating services and solutions that deliver immediate insight from all of this data. IoT companies who wish to make this possible turn to MongoDB. As the world’s most popular NoSQL database, MongoDB helps some of the most innovative IoT companies build applications never before possible, all in less time and with less cost than with alternative technologies.

Here’s how MongoDB enables IoT:

  • ** Flexible data model. ** With MongoDB, you can manage and incorporate data in any structure. You need to be able to launch and iterate on your application without having to start from scratch to meet evolving requirements. You also need a flexible data model to accommodate all the unstructured data coming from devices.
  • ** Inexpensively scale. ** MongoDB lets you scale out cheaply on commodity hardware. This is crucial to meet the demands of IoT applications which continually process great volumes of data through sensors.
  • ** Analyze any kind of data. ** Because devices and sensors need to process and analyze data in real-time you need a database like MongoDB which enables real-time analysis within the database. IoT can’t support the traditional way of taking your data offline for analysis. MongoDB is the solution of choice for IoT companies like Bosch but many other companies can uncover new business opportunity and revenue streams from IoT applications. Learn more about why IoT is only possible with newer Big Data technologies like MongoDB.

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