Integrating Online Big Data

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To stay competitive in today’s world of Big Data, your enterprise needs a well-defined data management strategy. You might have your online Big Data application up and running smoothly to support real-time, interactive workloads. But does it integrate well with an offline Big Data analytics solutions? You need both to develop a complete solution, one that enables complex analytics that impart greater business intelligence.

Selecting the right Big Data technologies for your application and goals can spell the difference between success and failure in meeting desired outcomes. Many companies are now integrating their online Big Data applications with offline Big Data technologies to perform more sophisticated analyses than ever before with their data.

MongoDB is an online Big Data technology that integrates easily with many offline Big Data technologies such as the popular business analytics tool Hadoop.

As the most widely used NoSQL database with 40 million downloads and counting, MongoDB is at the forefront of integrating online Big Data to various BI platforms. With an extensive partner network including many of the leading business intelligence solutions providers, MongoDB helps you develop a complete solution for your data management needs.

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