Healthcare Big Data Analytics

The healthcare industry is experiencing huge shifts in the way they do business. Rising costs, new regulations, increasing competition, and complex technology demands are just a few of the challenges healthcare providers face.

Savvy enterprises looking to gain advantage are looking to new technologies to tackle these challenges head on. They are shifting from traditional systems that are too expensive and too rigid to maintain and are embracing newer technologies such as MongoDB and Hadoop to build sophisticated Big Data analytics solutions.

Healthcare companies rely on MongoDB to address a broad variety of use cases while at the same time meeting compliance standards and improving healthcare outcomes. Some examples of healthcare solutions built on MongoDB include:

** 360-Degree Patient View. ** Patient data is a particular challenge as the data is often too great to manage and too siloed to be effectively retrieved and analyzed. MongoDB helps healthcare providers create applications that easily consolidate data from any source to more efficiently serve patients, reduce potential errors in patient care, and improve patient outcomes.

** Population Management for At-Risk Demographics. ** The power of sophisticated data analysis is particularly compelling when it can be used to help save lives. One example is when insurers can reduce preventable patient illnesses by using advanced population management applications. A healthier patient population is also good business as it helps insurers reduce costs and increase margins.

** Lab Data Management and Analytics. ** MongoDB helps healthcare providers make better use of lab data by enabling real-time analytics and data visualization. The result is new insights to better serve patients and new revenue streams for providers.

These are only just a few of the use cases that MongoDB addresses for the healthcare industry. To find out more, contact us or download our white paper.