Enterprise Data Management Strategy

A sound strategy for unifying data across the enterprise

Large enterprises typically maintain dozens of systems, lacking an easy way to connect critical information. A sound enterprise data management strategy would resolve this issue by integrating data for all applications and putting in place rules of governance and processes to maintain that data.

MongoDB, the open source NoSQL database, lets you integrate data across the enterprise easily, and in less time and at a lower cost than with legacy databases. Hundreds of enterprises, including more than a third of Fortune 100 companies, have chosen the products and services offered in MongoDB Enterprise Advanced as part of their strategy to leverage their data across their organization for competitive advantage.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is a finely-tuned offering of advanced software, support, certifications and security that’s tailored for the way you do business. Our Enterprise Data Management solution will enable you to:

  • Build new applications never before possible. For example, MetLIfe was able to integrate data from over 70 disparate system to build “The Wall” in only three months to provide customers with superior service.
  • Realize new sources of competitive advantage. MongoDB helps businesses adapt to changes faster than their competitors by enabling them to rapidly build applications that integrate data from disparate sources.

There's no risk to seeing what MongoDB Enterprise Advanced can do for your enterprise. Download MongoDB Enterprise, the commercial edition of MongoDB, or contact us for pricing details.