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Choose MongoDB Enterprise Advanced for your enterprise data center

Enterprise data centers typically serve internal clients in a company behind a firewall. As opposed to internet data centers which host a few applications for many users, enterprise data centers typically host many applications that serve an enterprise for a limited number of users. Naturally then, enterprise data centers have specific requirements around security, uptime and availability.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced and Ops Manager are built with these enterprise requirements in mind and are the best way to run MongoDB in your data center. Hundreds of organizations, including over a third of the Fortune 100, can attest to the value of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced in helping drive transformational business success.

With MongoDB Enterprise Advanced you get a management platform called Ops Manager, advanced security, certifications, proactive support, and the Customer Success Program.

Customers can use Ops Manager to monitor their MongoDB deployments from their enterprise data center, or use Cloud Manager, which offers a fully managed backup solution with a pay-as-you-go model.

We want to make working with MongoDB simple. We can provide:

  • Monitoring. With Ops Manager or Cloud Manager, you’ll be able to visualize performance metrics and set up alerts when metrics go out of range, so you can discover performance issues before it’s too late.
  • Automation. Automate common operational tasks that waste time and money.
  • Backup. Our backup solution for MongoDB Enterprise comes with point-in-time recovery, a feature you won’t find anywhere else.

There’s no risk to trying MongoDB Enterprise Advanced can do for your enterprise. Download MongoDB Enterprise, the commercial edition of MongoDB, or contact us for pricing details.

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