Designing Database Schema

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An important first step in designing any application is choosing your database schema design. You want to make smart choices because schema design can significantly impact the application’s performance and the ability to easily adapt to evolving business requirements.

With traditional relational databases, you have to determine the schema design at beginning before you can add any data to the application. This makes it challenging to update your application to accommodate any new data types that weren’t originally defined in the schema.

NoSQL databases came about to address this limitation and instead offer a flexible schema. The flexible data model offered in NoSQL databases like MongoDB lets you better tackle the large volume and variety of data typical of modern applications.

A flexible data model lets you:

  • Quickly respond to the evolving needs of the business
  • Simplify the combining of data from multiple sources
  • Save time updating existing data and incorporating new types of data into your system

When you are in the design phase of your application consider MongoDB, the leader of this new generation of NoSQL databases. MongoDB offers a flexible data model that you can dynamically update without application downtime. The result is less development time and greater ease in updating your application to meet the ever changing needs of modern applications.

Download the white paper or contact us to learn more about what a flexible schema design can do for your enterprise.

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