Deploy MongoDB On AWS

Make the most of running MongoDB on AWS

Enterprises looking to stay competitive in their respective sectors are increasingly turning to cloud computing to save money and time in bringing products to market. The rise of cloud computing has resulted in a glut of cloud service providers but none more popular or comprehensive than Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers Infrastructure-as-a Service, which includes the software, hardware and services necessary to provide on-demand processing, storage or network resources in the cloud.

If you are running an application in the cloud, it also makes sense to run the rest of your application infrastructure – including your database – on AWS. MongoDB is the database of choice for companies looking to leverage the cloud. It’s the most popular NoSQL database and is particularly well-suited for the cloud thanks the database’s native replication features as well as a scale-out architecture. Together, AWS and MongoDB offer a great solution especially for those who need high-performance operations on large datasets.

Deploying MongoDB on AWS offers several benefits:

  • Less expensive than hosting on premise. You only have to pay for the computing infrastructure you need. No heavy investment in software, hardware, or the support staff required of hosting applications on your own.
  • Flexible as you can easily align resources to cover unexpected events such as usage spikes experienced by your application.
  • Reliable. Geographically distributed servers make for better disaster recovery and business continuity. Reduced latency since data can be served locally to users.

Find out why enterprises of all sizes, from early startups to Fortune 100 companies, are choosing to deploy MongoDB on AWS. With Cloud Manager, you can expect smooth running operations and ease of use from your MongoDB deployment. If you’re already running on AWS, simply add your AWS keys when signing up for Cloud Manager to seamlessly connect your infrastructure.

The experience is risk-free with a 30-day trial of Cloud Manager. So start your trial today.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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