Database Schema Design

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Schema design is a critical component of any application database because it determines the way that application handles its data. Choosing the appropriate one not only affects the application’s performance, it also determines whether your application can easily evolve over time to meet business needs.

Traditional relational databases make you define your schema upfront before you can add any data. As a result, it’s not well suited for today’s applications which handle a wide variety of ever changing data types.

NoSQL databases address this limitation by letting you insert data without a predefined schema. Because you don’t have to define schema upfront, you can easily make adjustments to an application without interruption or downtime. The result is faster development, more reliable code integration and less time required of the database administration.

MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, offers a document data model that lets you easily store and combine any type of data while also offering sophisticated data access and rich indexing features. With MongoDB, there is no need to reinvent the wheel as your business requirements change and evolve over time.

To learn more about MongoDB’s database schema design and its impact on performance, download the white paper or contact us.

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