Database Performance Monitoring

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Database performance directly affects application performance. So if you are looking to run a high performance application, you also need a high performance database like MongoDB. In fact, thousands of enterprises from the hottest startups to Fortune 100 companies run critical applications on MongoDB, relying on the database for their operational applications where low latency, high throughput, and continuous availability are required.

Achieving and maintaining a high performance system, however, is no simple task. You typically have to manage a variety of workloads, all of which have their own performance profiles and access patterns. But MongoDB makes it easy with comprehensive database performance monitoring tools available for both in the cloud and on-prem deployments.

MongoDB Cloud Manager lets you:

View and track performance. Benefit from being able to view over a hundred performance metrics and track important performance metrics across dozens of charts.

Set custom alerts. Catch performance glitches before they spell disaster by setting custom alerts to inform you when system performance is outside of the desired range.

See all your monitoring dashboards in one place. Cloud Manager provides a unified view of operations by integrating with your existing dashboards through our RESTful API. If you’re running MongoDB on-prem, you can use Ops Manager (available with Enterprise Advanced) for performance monitoring in addition to taking advantage of its powerful automation features for operational tasks.

When it comes to database performance monitoring for a MongoDB deployment, you benefit from a great user experience along with the insights to keep your database deployment running smoothly. Find out more about how we can help you realize a high performance system for Big Data applications by contacting us.

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