Database Open Source

Open source databases have seen widespread adoption in recent years for good reason. You can download, develop and experiment quickly at no cost. In addition, open source databases have become popular because they are typically designed to address the needs of Big Data modern applications.

MongoDB is at the forefront of this new generation of open source databases and is designed to meet the demands of modern applications. The database incorporates the features that make traditional relational databases great:

  • Expressive query language to facilitate powerful feature development with your data
  • Strong consistency for instantaneous updates to your data
  • Secondary indexes to make navigating your data a breeze

And delivers it along with the innovations that make newer open source databases exciting:

  • A flexible data model designed for modern data, that quickly adapts to your changing business needs
  • High performance for instantaneous, always-on experiences
  • Scalability - ** easily and reliably scale your application along with your success

Read our white paper to learn more about how a database that is open source can benefit your organization.