Database Monitoring

Get complete performance visibility with MongoDB monitoring tools

Database performance directly impacts application performance so you want to make sure that your database deployment is running smoothly and optimally. Database monitoring is essential to help achieve smooth operations and high performance.

MongoDB makes database monitoring easy with Cloud Manager. This monitoring solution offers full visibility into the health of your MongoDB database deployment. Companies of all sizes, from the latest startups to a third of the Fortune 100, choose MongoDB to run high-performance databases for their big data, modern applications. As a leader in the latest generation of NoSQL databases, MongoDB is particularly well-suited to handle cloud-based applications thanks to an Amazon Web Services integration and easy cloud-based management tools.

Cloud Manager makes monitoring cloud-based databases easy and offers you the insights needed to keep your deployment humming along smoothly. You get:

  • Fine-grained visibility into performance of your MongoDB cluster. Access over 100 metrics that could impact database performance. Track KPIs across dozens of charts.
  • Custom alerts. Set up alerts that help you to pre-empt performance issues. The alerts let you know when you are out of range to help prevent system failures.
  • See all your monitoring tools in one place. Thanks to a RESTful API and integrations with leading APM platforms, Cloud Manager is easy to incorporate into existing monitoring dashboards so you can enjoy a unified view of operations.

In addition to monitoring tools, Cloud Manager simplifies complex operations tasks with the click of a button and includes comprehensive backup solution for MongoDB deployments. Cloud Manager supports thousands of deployments of varying sizes, from systems that use as little as one server to large systems distributed over hundreds of servers.

Try out Cloud Manager for yourself at no-risk. Start a 30-day free trial of Cloud Manager today.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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