Data Management Systems

Applications need to handle an ever growing level of complexity as the variety, velocity and volume of data keeps growing. This has led to a new generation of databases, called NoSQL, to meet the demands of modern Big Data applications.

At the forefront is MongoDB, an open source database, that lets you implement a data management system easily, quickly and for a fraction of the cost of relational databases.

With MongoDB data management systems, you can:

  • Leverage the opportunities from creating a single view of data across the enterprise
  • Iterate quickly on your application quickly to incorporate new types of data
  • Grow. MongoDB is built for scalability, performance, and high availability
  • Benefit from the same features that make relational databases great like expressive query language, strong consistency, and rich secondary indexes

For these reasons and more, MongoDB has been named Database Management System of the Year by DB-Engines for the second consecutive year, beating out traditional systems such as MySQL.

Find out more about what MongoDB can do for your organization, read the white paper.