Customer Data Analytics

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Converting browsers into buyers and eventually into loyal customers isn’t easy in today’s world of high consumer expectations, fierce competition, and the technological complexities of Big Data. Companies who develop a superior approach to customer data analytics are poised for great success in this highly competitive marketplace.

Creating a single view of your customer data to enable sophisticated analytics can be nearly impossible with older relational technology but MongoDB makes it easy. As the leading database built to handle the complexities of Big Data, MongoDB helps companies of all sizes, from nascent startups to Fortune 100 companies, develop a sophisticated analytics solution to convert new customers and enhance existing customer relationships.

Here’s how MongoDB helps you with customer data analytics:

  • ** Flexible data model. ** Store and combine any type of data while enjoying sophisticated data access and rich indexing functionality.
  • ** Dynamic schema. ** No need to pre-define schema before getting your application live. Dynamically modify the schema as needed without application downtime.
  • ** Integrates with leading BI tools. ** As an operational data store, MongoDB is just one component of a complete analytics solution. You’ll also need an offline component to perform retrospective analyses of your data. MongoDB enables that possibility by having an extensive partner network that includes leading analytics platforms such as Hadoop.

To find out more about how MongoDB has helped companies develop a sophisticated customer data analytics program, download our white paper.

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