Big Data Applications

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Build Big Data applications never before possible with MongoDB

Big Data is really about the challenges faced by any enterprise looking for a sound data management strategy when data has become too unwieldy to manage with traditional relational database technologies.

A new crop of technologies have emerged in response to these demands, including a new class of databases known as NoSQL. Many organizations who have chosen to take advantage of new databases, such as MongoDB, have been able to build new applications that were previously either impossible or simply impractical.

Companies who make smart use of Big Data technologies can develop applications that outpace competitors while realizing huge cost savings and increased revenue. For example, a Big Data application that processes and analyzes billions of data points in real-time is able to create a highly personalized experience for millions of customers who visit a website each day.

The City of Chicago built an innovative Big Data application on MongoDB that analyzes data from over 30 different city agencies in real-time to predict future outcomes on crime, public health and other key issues affecting citizens.

There are many more stories of enterprises who have used MongoDB to build transformative Big Data applications. Read our white paper to uncover more insight into how MongoDB leads the database industry in tackling the challenges of Big Data.

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