MongoDB Service on AWS

MongoDB Atlas: Make the most of running MongoDB in the cloud

Available on AWS, MongoDB Atlas is a managed MongoDB service that allows you to set up, operate, and scale your MongoDB clusters in the cloud with just a few clicks. Atlas is built and maintained by the same team that engineers MongoDB and incorporates the learnings and best practices developed from optimizing thousands of deployments — both massive and small — across startups and the Fortune 100. 

Getting Started: Simple & Free 

MongoDB Atlas allows you to automatically deploy a cluster on AWS with an optimal configuration for MongoDB in a matter of minutes, making it easier than ever to get started with the leading non-relational database. Atlas also includes a free tier, which provides a highly available cluster with up to 512 MB of storage, perfect for learning MongoDB, prototyping an idea, or early development. When you’re ready for the next stage of your application, MongoDB Atlas provides you with a wide range of dedicated cluster options, delivered in a pay-as-you-go model. 

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Fully Elastic Service 

Atlas makes scaling the database painless with one-click, automated processes that happen in the background. We’ve built in maintenance best practices to ensure that your databases are always available, even when switching between instance sizes or sharding.

Full Performance Visibility 

MongoDB Atlas incorporates the most comprehensive monitoring suite for MongoDB and automatically surfaces the database and hardware metrics that matter the most. Easily track key performance indicators across pre-built charts or drill down into the details to your liking. Atlas also allows you to create custom alerts that trigger when the metrics you care about go out of range. Finally, see how your databases are performing live with the Real-Time Performance Panel, which displays read/write performance, slowest queries, hottest collections, and more.

Comprehensive Data Protection 

With MongoDB Atlas, your data is highly secure by default with always-on authentication and end-to-end encryption using TLS/SSL and encrypted storage volumes. Your dedicated clusters are isolated in a unique AWS VPC with the option of VPC Peering to avoid using public IP addresses. Atlas also provides the strongest disaster recovery capabilities available with continuous backups and point-in-time data recovery.

Outlined above are just a few of the capabilities of MongoDB Atlas that make it the best way to run MongoDB on AWS. Sign up for a free cluster today and see for yourself how Atlas can free you up to focus on your applications and business. 

If you have an existing MongoDB cluster running in the cloud, be sure to inquire about our live migration tools, which allow you to port your database to MongoDB Atlas with minimal downtime. 

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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