AWS Integrations

Cloud computing is about the software, hardware, and services offered by a third party provider and delivered over a cloud-based network. With cloud services you can get your application up and running faster and at a much lower cost than if you were to host these services on premise. The benefits explain the great rise in cloud computing in recent years and has seen providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) become wildly popular.

Modern applications and the databases such as the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB, are built to take advantage of cloud computing. It’s easy to get started with MongoDB’s Cloud Manager and AWS. Cloud Manager makes it easy to get started by automatically provisioning machines on AWS with an optimal configuration for MongoDB.

The advantages are clear for running your application database in the cloud with AWS:

  • Less expensive. You only pay for the infrastructure you need, no more and no less.
  • Flexible. Your application usage can be vary greatly due to unanticipated events. By hosting your MongoDB deployment on AWS, you can easily adjust the amount of resources to meet demand.
  • Reliable. A cloud computing provider like AWS geographically distributes their servers across the globe to ensure system continuity. Being able to serve data locally reduces application latency.

When it comes to hosting a database on AWS, many choose MongoDB. The most popular NoSQL database provides native replication for high availability as well as a scale-out architecture. An AWS integration with Cloud Manager makes it easy to get started.

Learn more about running MongoDB on AWS by downloading our free white paper.