Apache Open Source Projects

Connect Hadoop with MongoDB for a complete Big Data solution

One of the most popular and widely used Apache open source projects is Hadoop, a software technology for storing and processing large volumes for batch and analytical operations. Hadoop, like other open source software, makes use of distributed computing over commodity hardware.

Savvy enterprises are discovering the powerful combination of Hadoop with a NoSQL database technology like MongoDB in creating complete Big Data applications. MongoDB supports the real-time operational application, while Hadoop serves as the sophisticated analytical engine that combines data from MongoDB and other operational systems. The analytics and machine learning from the complementary technologies result in greater business intelligence and additional opportunities for business growth.

Many MongoDB users rely on the Hadoop Connector to build powerful analytics applications from their data. The City of Chicago is a great example of a MongoDB and Hadoop use case. The City built their WindyGrid application to analyze data from over 30 different city agencies and predict future outcomes on crime, public health, and other key issues affecting the quality of life for its citizens. The application allows the City to be more efficient and responsive in responding to critical issues such disease outbreaks and deciding where to deploy first responders.

Learn more about how other MongoDB users such as eBay, Foursquare, Orbitz, and Pearson have taken advantage of the MongoDB and Hadoop integration for powerful effect. Watch our video today.