Agile Development Environment

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Modern software development is characterized by agile methodologies which apply an iterative approach to developing software. Development teams work in small groups and tackle tasks in small increments to allow for continuous iteration on the product.

Organizations have increasingly been putting in place agile development environments to better align with the demands of modern applications. Applying agile development practices can result in faster time to market at lower cost. Traditional software development approaches, on the other hand, involve much upfront planning and long time horizons with each step performed in a specific sequence. WIth traditional methods, changes are hard and expensive to implement post application release.

But an agile environment also requires adopting a new set of tools and skillsets such as continuous integration tools, automated testing tools, and NoSQL databases.

MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database, is built for agile development. The database offers dynamic schema which easily evolves along with the evolution of your application. MongoDB follows a document data model using JSON-like documents which work well with today’s object-oriented programming. In addition, MongoDB is well-suited for cloud and distributed computing over inexpensive commodity hardware. It’s easy to get started with MongoDB and you benefit by being able to develop rich Big Data applications at a lower cost than with relational database technology.

These benefits account for MongoDB’s great popularity. With 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments, MongoDB helps organizations of all sizes harness the power of Big Data. For more information on how MongoDB is an integral part of an agile development environment, read our white paper.

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