December 14, 2022

What's Driving Next-Generation Data Platform Adoption in Financial Services

Forrester's global research study Data has become one of the most valuable currencies in business today, but too often legacy technology that still underpins many organizations is not built to support the amount, diversity or speed of it. But what impact are legacy systems really having on financial services? What are they looking for in a data platform? And for those already working with next-generation data platforms, what benefits are they already seeing?c MongoDB commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study questioning global IT decision makers at financial services and FinTech organizations to evaluate the impact they are experiencing with next generation data platforms. Join this webinar with our guest speaker from Forrester on December 14th at 11am EST | 4pm GMT, where we will be discussing the findings to understand the impact of legacy technologies, as well as the industries modernization efforts. We will be covering: The business problems that are triggering financial institutions to rethink their approach to data What’s driving the adoption of next-generation data platforms The impact of legacy infrastructure and the different modernization approaches organizations can take Why institutions are struggling to meet security requirements and how these challenges can be overcome Presenters: Noel Yuhanna : VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Joerg Schmuecker : Director, Financial Services Industry Solutions at MongoDB We hope you enjoy the webinar, if you would like to download the report, you can do so here.

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