October 19, 2021

Capitalizing on Connection: An IoT Discussion with AWS, Cloudflight, and MongoDB

9am PDT | 11am CDT | 12pm EDT The benefits of IoT have the recognized potential to unlock an entirely new set of mission critical use cases, and therefore business lines across nearly all industries. A successful IoT implementation not only means the possibility of delivering on a more robust go-to-market and revenue strategy, but also enabling a more complete end-to-end service offering for customers. But is all of this potential laden with risk? As the volumes of data being collected continue to increase exponentially, so too will the requirements to analyze, act upon, and deliver that data in real-time. Join us on October 19th at 11am CDT for Capitalizing on Connection: An IoT Discussion with AWS, Cloudflight, and MongoDB where you’ll hear from 3 major technology innovators on: How IoT is being shaped by consumer needs and modern technology innovators alike How to avoid the increasing complexity, technological debt and cost of data duplication and integration activities Why 5G Edge and lower latency processing and inference are drastically altering the market Who’s already expanding their go-to-market and revenue strategies by leveraging IoT technologies We'll be joined by panelists: Bala Thekkedath, Head of Product Marketing, AWS Wavelength, Amazon Web Services Dr. Stefan Ried, Principal Analyst & Practice Lead, Market Strategy, Cloudflight Steve Dalby, Principal, Industry Solutions, Telecommunications, MongoDB Gabriela Preiss, Sr. Industry Consultant, MongoDB

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October 20, 2021

MongoDB Application Data Platform Webinar Series Hong Kong

14:00 - 15:00, every two weeks on Wednesday When we look at a typical application data architecture today, we see a sprawl of complexity because most data technologies are really quite narrow in scope, so you end up with a collection of niche databases -- a separate technology to handle search, another one to handle data on devices, and yet another technology for doing analytics. Most of the time, all this is cobbled together with custom integration code, the complexity of which creates a frustrating and increasingly fragmented developer experience. Teams are forced to learn and maintain an expanding number of technologies just to be able to get to market and deliver on user expectations. . This tech sprawl is also difficult to operationalize and secure as it leads to more silos, more integration work, and more data duplication all around. How does MongoDB’s application data platform address all these complicated problems? Join us for our upcoming MongoDB Application Data Platform Webinar Series, where we will feature several MongoDB customers and “power users” with typical MongoDB deployments, elaborating on how they maximize MongoDB’s capabilities to facilitate their digital transformation and execute on business initiatives. Webinar Series Details : Language: Cantonese Dates & Guest Customer Speakers: Session 1 - October 6 , how AIA rides on MongoDB Flexible schema, Eason Lai, Head of Digital Solution Architecture, AIA Hong Kong & Macau Session 2 - October 20 , How MongoDB transaction function helps SHOPLINE build social commerce platform, Ronald Li, Engineering Director, SHOPLINE Session 3 - November 3 , See how the viuTV team is running a database with features like auto-scaling for storage and compute, Roger Lau, Technical Head of Digital, ViuTV Session 4 - Novebmer 17 , Omnichat benefits from high scalability and availability as their data is distributed across multiple regions, Alan Chan, Founder & CEO, Omnichat Session 5 - December 1 , more to come Session 6 - December 15 , more to come By registering once, you will be able to join all the 6 sessions of this ADP series.

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