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Building a Connected Value Chain with MongoDB and AWS

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Jump-start your digital transformation journey by learning about industrial IoT, immersive visualization, and AI, and discover how MongoDB and AWS bring all of these technologies together to allow for a seamless flow of data from connected vehicles to the factory floor and back.

In this video we’ll demonstrate how our 3D factory digital twin - powered by MongoDB and AWS - simulates equipment performing complex maneuvers to uncover the most efficient processes and mimic the behavior of a real production process. We’ll also show how MongoDB Atlas facilitates uninterrupted data flow from a connected vehicle to the virtual factory through real-time data transmission.

Explore the possibilities of this cutting-edge technology and learn how you can leverage MongoDB and AWS to build your own connected value chain and transform your manufacturing process.

Key technologies covered in this session include: MongoDB Atlas, Realm, Atlas Device Sync, AWS IoT Core and Sagemaker.