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Atlas for the Edge

Atlas for the Edge provides a reliable solution that unifies the data across your distributed architecture. Learn how it enables critical, real-time use cases that drive operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, bespoke customer experiences, and more.

Ensure that digital actions reflect physical events

Synchronize data across millions of sensors and devices with Atlas Device Sync and SDKs, ensuring uninterrupted access and real-time updates for critical edge applications.

Prevent interruptions to local operations

Deploy MongoDB anywhere with Atlas Edge Server to enhance availability, performance, and cost efficiency through localized data management.

Leverage data insights to drive success with MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas’s developer data platform provides a unified data layer with access to advanced features including real-time analytics, full-text search, and enterprise-grade security.

Across industries companies are investing in edge solutions. Those building with MongoDB experience less barriers, resulting in quicker times to market, and accelerated returns on investment.

To learn more about how companies are leveraging MongoDB Atlas for their connected infrastructure, download the Atlas for the Edge solution brief.

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