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Revving up the data engine: powering connected vehicles with MongoDB and AWS

presentation promo image
presentation promo image


In the ever-evolving landscape of connected vehicles, rapid accumulation and analysis of data have become the driving force behind innovative mobility solutions. Enter modern developer data platforms, like MongoDB, offering a turbocharged experience for developers seeking to harness the full potential of connected vehicle systems.

The time for disconnected vehicles is over. People are looking for smarter products that deliver exciting customer experiences where users can start a task on one device and continue it on the next, creating a seamless digital thread between products. In this talk, designed to accelerate your application from factory to finish line, we will navigate through the fascinating realm of connected vehicles, with a focus on must-have features, including high-speed data ingestion, automatic synchronization between user applications and the vehicle, and advanced query capabilities.

Strap yourself in for an exciting conversation that will:

  • Explore the current connected vehicle landscape, including strategies for navigating the industry’s biggest challenges
  • Unpack how MongoDB's document-based model, together with cloud deployment on AWS, helps you tap into the potential of connected vehicle data
  • Feature a demo of MongoDB Atlas, Realm, and Atlas Device Sync that provide you with the building blocks to build connected products quickly and show you how easy it is to integrate with the AWS cloud ecosystem.