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How Financial Services Achieve A Strategic Advantage With Data-Driven Disruption

Seven Industry Leaders Reveal Why They Choose MongoDB

For financial institutions to thrive, they must fully commit to digital transformation – liberating data, empowering developers, and embracing disruption.

To successfully transform and retain their customer base, financial firms must become more adept at using the copious amounts of data at their disposal. And how they store, manage, analyze, integrate, and use data will have a direct impact on success.

This ebook describes how many fintech startups to some of the world’s largest financial services banks have driven success by unleashing the power of software and data with MongoDB's developer data platform.

At the core of our developer data platform is the most advanced cloud database service on the market, MongoDB Atlas, which can run in any cloud, or even across multiple clouds to get the best from each provider with no lock-in.

Whether its trading platforms and end-to-end digital loan origination, or AI/ML-driven fraud detection systems and financial 'super apps', MongoDB is replacing relational databases and mainframes as the data platform financial services use to modernize legacy workloads and build leading experiences for their customers.

Read the ebook below.

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