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Building a Virtual Factory with MongoDB Atlas

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presentation promo image

IoT, AI, VR and the MongoDB Developer Data Platform

Jump-start your digital transformation journey by learning about industrial IoT, immersive visualization, and AI, and discover how MongoDB brings all of these technologies together to facilitate uninterrupted data flow through real-time data transmission.

This virtual factory demo simulates equipment performing complex maneuvers to uncover the most efficient processes and mimic the behavior of a real production process. See how in our demo of a 3D factory digital twin powered by MongoDB Atlas.

This video will cover:

  • What a virtual factory/factory digital twin is and how to use them to power innovation
  • How virtual factories can help manufacturers reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality
  • How data flows in real-time to power intelligent, intuitive user experiences
  • Key technologies covered in this session include: MongoDB Atlas, Realm, Atlas Device Sync, AWS IoT Core and Sagemaker