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What is the MongoDB Referral Program?

When you refer a friend to MongoDB Atlas via the MongoDB Referral Program, you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card for each person you refer who runs an M10 or above cluster for more than 30 days. The cluster cannot be paused for the duration of the 30 days and must have data loaded. Each person you refer will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card if their M10 or above cluster meets the aforementioned conditions. If the referral meets these requirements, both the referral and referee will receive their Amazon gift cards via email.

To send out referral invitations, you can visit the MongoDB Referral Program page and click on the Refer a Friend link. You will then be prompted to enroll in the MongoDB Referral Program to start referring friends.

There, you can send your personal referral link to friends via email or social media. When a new or eligible person uses this link to sign up for MongoDB, they’ll receive a link to MongoDB Atlas Free Tier.

Your friend must subscribe through your personal referral link in order for you to earn Amazon Gift Cards.

This offer is subject to change and may be cancelled at any time without notice. This offer is available only to individuals within the United States.

MongoDB employees are not eligible to refer friends for this promotional offer.