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Atlas Search is the simplest way to build relevance-based search 4x faster and for 77% lower cost than alternative search solutions.

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What is Atlas Search?

By integrating the database, search engine, and sync mechanism into a single, unified, and fully managed platform, Atlas Search is the fastest and easiest way to build relevance-based search capabilities directly into applications.

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Advanced search, simplified

With Atlas Search, you work with a single, unified API across both your database and search operations, simplifying your queries and reducing development time.

Deliver search features faster
Illustration of a magnifying glass on search results.
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Build search directly in MongoDB Atlas

There’s no need to stand up and manage a sync mechanism, write custom transformation logic, or remap search indexes as your database evolves.

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Remove operational heavy lifting

The fully managed Atlas platform automates provisioning, patching, upgrades, scaling, security, and disaster recovery while providing deep visibility into performance for both database and search.

Illustration of a magnifying glass on search results.

Feature overview

“Migrating to MongoDB Atlas has made the API faster and more stable. Overhead with ETL and Elasticsearch affected the performance of the API — this is something we don’t see anymore as Atlas handles both ends of this brilliantly.”
Jake Reeves
VP of Technical Operations at Orbweaver
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Full-text search with MongoDB

Keep your database and search in sync with fully integrated search functionality.
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Build a search index
Create a JSON search index definition in a few clicks in the Atlas UI or a single Atlas admin API. Use our default dynamic index to get started, then define field mappings and other options specific to your data.
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Run a search query
Use the $search aggregation stage in the MongoDB Query API to define your search logic. Combine operators and options to fine-tune relevance, then export your query in your programming language of choice.
More on $search queries
MongoDB Query API

Make your data discoverable with Atlas Search

Learn what you can build with our fully integrated full-text search solution.
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