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Data Federation. Transform and enrich your data.

Seamlessly query, transform, and aggregate data from one or more MongoDB Atlas databases and cloud object storage offerings.

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Data Federation

Data Federation gives Atlas users the ability to combine, enrich, and transform data, execute federated queries across data sources and output data to their preferred destination, through a stable, flexible, performant service.

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Easily aggregate, transform, and persist data

Reduce the time and effort you spend building aggregations that transform and enrich your data. Data Federation reduces the effort, time-sink, and complexity of pipelines and ETL tools when working with data in different formats. Use it to generate insights to power real-time applications or downstream analytics.

Illustration of data sources connecting with a federated database
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Enable downstream analytics

Convert Atlas data from one or more clusters to a columnar file format and output that data to cloud object storage to be consumed by downstream teams, enabling faster insights and simpler data movement on data when used with analytics tools.

Power real-time applications

Preserving the rich structure of your data is invaluable. Now you can directly query Atlas databases and cloud object storage together using a single API. Run powerful but easy-to-understand aggregations to create a refined data set, then persist that data into your preferred location to power real-time applications.

Illustration of a database, interface and data bucket

Feature overview

Use Data Federation on MongoDB

We built Data Federation to simplify how you work with rich data. Spend more time uncovering insights instead of managing infrastructure.
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Configure a Federated Database Instance
Data Federation combines data from your MongoDB Atlas clusters, Atlas Data Lake, Online Archive, and cloud storage (like AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage) into virtual databases and collections. Your data remains in-place and in its native format.
Combine, transform and enrich data
Leverage MongoDB’s aggregation pipeline to combine, transform and enrich your data. Get insights quickly with federated, parallelized queries.
Persist query results
Send query results directly to an Atlas cluster or cloud object storage in your specified file format. Store data in your preferred storage tier without time-consuming ETL processes.

Learn more about Atlas Data Federation

Discover how to analyze rich data easily and intuitively with a scalable cloud data federation service.
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“It isn’t just a database like we had in 2013. We can use Atlas Charts for simple data visualizations, and we use Atlas Data Federation to make our old systems talk to each other.”
David Fannar Gunnarsson
Enterprise Architect, Sýn
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Get started with Data Federation today

Create a federated database alongside your operational Atlas database in a few clicks. Configure your federated database instance from multiple data sources, or use a sample dataset to get started today.
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  • A unified data platform
  • Powerful aggregations
  • Sample datasets
  • Native tools and drivers
  • Multiple data formats
  • Pay-as-you-go model