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Build apps, integrate services, and connect to your data without operational overhead.

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A three-tiered image focusing on the top tier named "Serverless App Tier". It supports Functions, Triggers, Data API, GraphQL API, and Device Sync. It sits on top of the middle tier, "Unified Query API" and the bottom tier of database fundamentals.

Build and run production-ready apps on top of Atlas in a fraction of the time with fully managed cloud services such as Functions, Triggers, and APIs. Shift your focus away from maintaining infrastructure toward innovation while benefiting from a generous free tier.

Run code without the operational overhead

Define and execute server-side database logic for your application with serverless functions. Call them in response to database events, run them on a schedule, or invoke them via secure APIs or a SDK – while leveraging inbuilt authentication and role-based data access rules.

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An illustration of functions on a terminal window.
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Build event-driven applications

Execute serverless application and database logic in response to events or on a predefined schedule with Triggers. Use Triggers with Functions or send Trigger events directly to AWS EventBridge.

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Integrate apps and services in the cloud

Lean on production-ready APIs to easily integrate Atlas data into your apps and services over HTTPS. The variety of options – from the flexible Data API to the schema-based GraphQL API – lets you choose based on the unique needs of your workload.

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Sync data across devices in real-time

Build apps that stay up to date across users and devices in real-time with Device Sync – Atlas’s built-in device-to-cloud-synchronization service.

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Feature overview

Build apps, not infrastructure

Leave the complexity of backend infrastructure to us, so you can focus on creating the apps that will take your organization to the next level.
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React to changes in real-time
Respond to changes in your data in real-time or on a predefined schedule with Triggers.
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Database Trigger
Auth Trigger
Scheduled Triggers
Integrate apps and services
Choose from a range of APIs for integrating Atlas data into your cloud apps and services.
Data API
Sync data across devices
Enable real-time access to data across users and devices with Device Sync.
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Build apps in weeks not months

Discover how to make the most of Atlas’s application services

Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our developer data platform

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Run code, integrate apps, and manage data without thinking about servers.
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  • Serverless architecture
  • Production-ready services
  • Detailed logging
  • Generous free tier