What's New in 2.4

MongoDB 2.4 represents hundreds of improvements and features driven by community requests. MongoDB 2.4 introduces new features that enable greater developer productivity, easier operations, improved performance and enhanced security.

Developer Productivity

Enable new applications and help users get products to market faster.

  • Capped Arrays simplify development by making it easy to incorporate fixed, sorted lists for features like leaderboards and logging.
  • Geospatial Enhancements enable new use cases with support for polygon intersections and analytics based on geospatial data.
  • Text Search provides a simplified, integrated approach to incorporating search functionality into apps (Note: this feature is currently in beta release).


Reduce operational overhead and risk.

  • Hash-Based Sharding simplifies deployment of large MongoDB systems.
  • Working Set Analyzer makes capacity planning easier for ops teams.
  • Improved Replication increases resiliency and reduces administration.
  • Mongo Client creates an intuitive, consistent feature set across all drivers.


Improve customer experience.

  • Faster Counts and Aggregation Framework Refinements make it easier to leverage real-time, in-place analytics.
  • V8 JavaScript Engine offers better concurrency and faster performance for some operations, including MapReduce jobs.


Address requirements for enterprise deployments.

  • Role-Based Privileges allow organizations to assign more granular security policies for server, database and cluster administration.

You can read more about the improvements to MongoDB 2.4 in the Release Notes. Also, MongoDB 2.4 is available for download on MongoDB.org.