Lightning Consult

For customers that may only need an hour or two of help, 10gen offers mini-consultations on MongoDB projects during normal business hours. These are great for schema and architecture design, getting help with a thorny administrative task or just getting past a problem that has been blocking a customer's development. Here's what to do:

  • Contact us. Note: once purchased, lightning consult time is non-refundable.
  • We will get in touch soon to schedule the consultation. We can typically schedule the session within a week of purchase. Please note that we schedule one remote session for the full number of hours purchased.
  • Do the session! We will do audio, video, screen sharing on Skype or whatever works best.

Lightning consults are geared towards companies developing applications and are not recommended for major production issues. For production support, please review our support options. All Lightning Consults are done in accordance with our Consulting Services Agreement.

10gen also offers custom, on-site support packages. Please contact us for more information.


MongoDB Lightning Consult$450 / hour
Prices above are quoted in US dollars for the US and Canadian markets only; for pricing outside these areas please ask a 10gen sales representative or partner.

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To buy a MongoDB Lightning Consult, please contact us.