X.commerce Makes a Big Bet on Open Source!

Jeromy Carriere

December 09, 2011

X.commerce has a big vision. Actually, a really really big vision. We're going to revolutionize commerce for consumers, merchants and developers. Consumers get an exciting, seamless and personalized experience. Merchants get access to more capabilities and analytics, enabling them to expand their businesses and deliver more to their customers. Developers get a open, standards-based platform that gives them rich commerce-focused capabilities, cloud-based deployment and reach to merchants globally. We recognized early in the conception of the technical strategy for X.commerce that realization of our vision would demand that we adopt a fresh set of principles and practices. You can see this reflected in our go-to-market strategy, our engineering processes, our architecture and our technology selections. This presentation will discuss how X.commerce has made strategic technical decisions to align with key open source projects that have maximum momentum in their respective domains. We'll dig deepest on how MongoDB enables our distributed, cloud-based architecture, but also touch on our use of OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, RabbitMQ, Hadoop and an open-source continuous delivery pipeline. We'll also spend a few minutes on a key component of X.commerce - Magento - which has been committed to open source since its inception.

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