Tutorial - MongoDB Meets Chaos Monkey

PublishedJune 27, 2018

Speaker: Justin LaBreck, Timo Geusch
Netflix introduced its stress testing “chaos monkey” to the world and we brought it to MongoDB. Software testing is imperative and reliable interaction with the database is a major factor. Two of MongoDB’s own senior consulting engineers worked tirelessly on chaos testing with some of the world’s highest traffic customers – customers who cannot tolerate even short outages. They’ll share their experiences and focus on database considerations targeted towards devops.

The talk introduces key concepts and implementation strategies for anyone interested in automated testing in staging or production. Attendees should have experience running MongoDB in production and an intermediate-level understanding of MongoDB topology, replication, and sharding. This talk requires basic coding knowledge to understand and implement chaos testing solutions. Those attending will leave with a list of common pain points, how to test them, and where to begin coding.