Transactions and Durability: Putting the “D” in ACID

PublishedJune 27, 2018

Speaker: Sue LoVerso
MongoDB Transactions are a major new piece of functionality for users. MongoDB has used the transactional subsystem of the WiredTiger storage engine internally for years. This talk will provide an overview of the ACID properties of transactions, with a focus on the durability aspects inside WiredTiger. This talk will also discuss how MongoDB uses WiredTiger checkpoints and its write-ahead log (journal) to maintain durability. This session will also mention areas for improvement and future plans for durability. We think long and hard about these issues. At the end of the session, audience members will have a better understanding of what goes on at some of the lowest software layers where data meets the disk and trust that if we say your data is saved, it is durable. This session is designed for those who want to learn more about the internals of the system.