Time for a Change Stream - Using MongoDB Change Streams to Version Your Database

PublishedJune 27, 2018

Speaker: Leigha Mitchell, Ed Robinson
Are you still trying to use the oplog to version the data in your database? Sounds like you need a change-stream. In this talk, we discuss the use of change streams in MongoDB to version your data. We'll begin by reviewing the MongoDB oplog and how it was used in the past to listen for changes to a MongoDB database. We'll also look at how change streams introduced in MongoDB 3.6 help address this challenge in a more robust manner. We believe change streams are a really powerful feature of MongoDB and we're super excited to share what we learned on our journey with you. So come along to our talk to hear about the advantages we saw, as well as some challenges we faced when implementing a data versioning system based on change streams at Hubba.