How a Data-Driven Methodology can Influence Aviation Decisions

PublishedJune 27, 2018

Speaker: Annie Wen
How to enhance the way we connect people, cultures and businesses across continents? In this presentation, you will see how Annie Wen from ICAO has used a data-driven methodology to tackle a question that concerns us all.

Every day, around 100,000 flights transport over 10 million passengers and around USD 18 billion worth of goods. And by 2034, both air passenger traffic and air freight traffic are expected to more than double. What do these numbers suggest? That to enhance the way we connect people, cultures and businesses across continents, decisions in the aviation sector need to be well informed and effective, or, if we may, data-driven.

Indeed, many advantages can be attributed to data driven decision-making. Valid and relevant data allow us to identify risks and opportunities, it helps with placing the "problem" in the right context and determine a best-fit solution; it also enables managers to focus on strategy and prioritize policy issues.

In order to maximize the benefits of air transport in supporting sustainable growth in developing countries, the data team of the International Civil Aviation Organization came up with a data-driven methodology based on the use of web applications developed for that purpose. This talk highlights a use-case of how the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) applied data to answer a specific question. The audience will be led through the definition of the problem, presented with the datasets available and the applications created to help answer our question.