Why the Data Layer Matters for Microservices - HK

PublishedJuly 16, 2020

join us virtually to learn how popular HK TV station ViuTV uncovered the importance of making the right choice in the data layer to support their microservices strategy.

We will remind you why microservices architectures were created and why organisations are adopting them at great speed. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when considering your data layer technology to underpin your microservices.

Listen to Cathlon Lau, MongoDB Senior Solutions Architect & Roger Lau, Technical Head, Digital, ViuTV to learn:

  • Why choosing the right Data Layer matters for microservices, enabling fast fulfilment of new business requirements and solutions to scale at ever-increasing demands
  • The implications of making the wrong choice, especially the pitfalls to avoid which would otherwise result in brittle, unreliable, and non-scalable solutions
  • The ViuTV journey of adopting microservices, using a MongoDB data layer, to quickly deliver its many new digital experience consumer applications.
  • Best practices for combining microservices, containers, and the delivery of the persistence layer
  • Considerations for polyglot development strategies to enable the right tools to be used for the right job, whilst avoiding the unbounded proliferation of technologies to support.

This webinar will be delivered in Cantonese!

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