Why the Schema Diagram is Ruining Enterprise Computing

Sean Reilly

June 20, 2012

Sean Reilly, Developer, Equal Experts
Enterprise architects often use schema diagrams as if they are the diagrams of the entire system. This happens largely because schema diagram tools are the easiest solution available, and because they can automatically generate diagrams from a SQL database. This approach has some major drawbacks — the most serious being that applications directly access databases controlled by other applications and business groups. The talk will show why this is such a bad idea (basically, it can slow all development and improvement across the entire enterprise to a crawl), and give some ideas about how to fix the problem and introduce proper encapsulation back to enterprise computing. By moving away from modelling enterprise systems through relational schema diagrams and focusing on encapsulation of services, developers and architects are freed up to consider the most appropriate data storage product for their systems.

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