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Webinar: Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda and MongoDB Atlas

Webinar: Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda and MongoDB Atlas

March 22, 2017

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It’s easier than ever to power serverless architectures with our managed MongoDB as a service, MongoDB Atlas. In this session, we will explore the rise of serverless architectures and how they’ve rapidly integrated into public and private cloud offerings.

We will demonstrate how to build a simple REST API using AWS Lambda functions, how to create a highly available cluster in MongoDB Atlas, and finally, how to connect those pieces in a secure and scalable manner. We will then simulate load and show how to use the monitoring features of MongoDB Atlas. Finally, we will use MongoDB Compass to browse our database. You'll walk away with an understanding of how to build your first serverless cloud service, backed by a highly scalable database as a service.

This session is aimed at developers that are:

  1. Building modern applications in an environment where fast delivery and agility are critical
  2. Looking to reduce operational overhead so that they can focus on creating functionality for their customers

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