Webinar: Introduction to MongoDB Enterprise

PublishedMarch 9, 2016

MongoDB is a leading database technology that combines the foundations of RDBMS with the innovations of NoSQL, allowing organizations to simultaneously boost productivity and lower TCO.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is a finely-tuned package of advanced software, enterprise-grade support, and other services designed to accelerate your success with MongoDB in every stage of your app lifecycle, from early development to the scale-out of mission-critical production environments.

With the release of 3.2, MongoDB Enterprise Advanced now includes:

  • MongoDB Ops Manager 2.0
  • MongoDB Compass, the MongoDB GUI
  • MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence
  • Encrypted Storage Engine
  • In-Memory Storage Engine (beta)

Attend this webinar to learn how MongoDB Enterprise Advanced can help you get to market faster and de-risk your mission critical deployments.

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