Webinar: Getting Started with MongoDB and Node.js

PublishedJune 1, 2016
Host(s)Jay Runkel

Both MongoDB and Node.js are exploding in popularity and often used together to develop modern applications.

For developers new to MongoDB and Node.js, however, some the common design patterns are very different than those of a RDBMS and traditional synchronous languages. Developers learning these technologies together may find it a bit bewildering. In reality, however, these tools fit perfectly together and enable I high degree of developer productivity and application performance.

This webinar will walk developers through common MongoDB development patterns in Node.js, such as efficiently loading data into MongoDB using MongoDB's bulk API, iterating through query results, and managing simultaneous asynchronous MongoDB queries to provide the best possible application performance. Working Node.js and MongoDB examples will be used throughout the presentation.

What's next?

Learn more about MongoDB and NodeJS by taking M101JS, our introductory, online course that will teach you the basics of coding against a MongoDB database using NodeJS.

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