Webinar: Enterprise Trends for Database-as-a-Service

PublishedMarch 16, 2016
Host(s)Brandon Newell

Two complementary trends are particularly strong in enterprise IT today: MongoDB itself, and the movement of infrastructure, platform, and software to as-a-service models. Being designed from the start to work in cloud deployments, MongoDB is a natural fit.

Learn how your enterprise can create its own MongoDB service offering, combining the advantages of MongoDB and cloud for agile, nearly-instantaneous deployments. Ease your operations workload by centralizing your points for enforcement, standardize best policies, and enable elastic scalability.

We will provide you with an enterprise planning outline which incorporates needs and value for stakeholders across operations, development, and business. We will cover accounting, chargeback integration, and quantification of benefits to the enterprise (such as standardizing best practices, creating elastic architecture, and reducing database maintenance costs).

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